Lorenzo Calvelli ; Federico Boschetti ; Tatiana Tommasi - EpiSearch. Identifying Ancient Inscriptions in Epigraphic Manuscripts

jdmdh:10417 - Journal of Data Mining & Digital Humanities, December 26, 2023, Historical Documents and automatic text recognition - https://doi.org/10.46298/jdmdh.10417
EpiSearch. Identifying Ancient Inscriptions in Epigraphic ManuscriptsArticle

Authors: Lorenzo Calvelli ORCID1; Federico Boschetti ORCID2,1; Tatiana Tommasi ORCID1

AbstractEpigraphic documents are an essential source of evidence for our knowledge of the ancient world. Nonetheless, a significant number of inscriptions have not been preserved in their material form. In fact, their texts can only be recovered thanks to handwritten materials and, in particular, the so-called epigraphic manuscripts. EpiSearch is a pilot project that explores the application of digital technologies deployed to retrieve the epigraphic evidence found in these sources. The application of Handwritten Text Recognition (HTR) to epigraphic manuscripts is a challenging task, given the nature and graphic layout of these documents. Yet, our research shows that, even with some limits, HTR technologies can be used successfully. 

Volume: Historical Documents and automatic text recognition
Section: Sciences of Antiquity and digital humanities
Published on: December 26, 2023
Accepted on: July 7, 2023
Submitted on: December 2, 2022
Keywords: Epigraphy,Manuscripts,Inscriptions,Digital Humanities,Handwritten Text Recognition


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