** new submission **

We accept papers in pdf format, prepared in MS Word or LaTeX.

During first stages of submission, you should not be using the JDMDH template, which is reserved for accepted article.


** After acceptation only **  (one or several rounds of revisions) you will have to proceed with copyediting and in this way below is the general guidelines of the journal's style and language are given in the author toolkit below (only after acceptation)

Please use the template provided in the respective author toolkit and follow the author instructions for uploading your submission.

  • Author toolkit Word
  • Author toolkit LaTeX 

Submission follows these steps:

  • Prepare your manuscript  
  • Upload the manuscript on a publication repository known to Episciences (currently  HAL, Arxiv or Zenodo); for instance, HAL is accessible from (register, than upload your paper, which will be moderated before being put on line)
  • if applicable, use your HAL account to connect to the Episciences platform or create an account on Episciences platform if you do not have a HAL account (
  • Submit your paper to JDMDH by proving the ID that your manuscript received on the publication repository.

Note: in HAL, you should register your manuscript as a "pre-print" and not as a journal paper. If the moderation tells you otherwise, please refer to the present page.