Natural Language Processing for Digital Humanities

The Workshop on Natural Language Processing for Digital Humanities, co-located with ICON 2021, has its focus on applying natural language processing techniques to digital humanities research. The topics can be anything of digital humanities interest with a natural language processing or generation aspect. A list of suitable topics include but are not limited to:
- Text analysis and processing related to humanities using computational methods
- Dataset creation and curation for NLP (e.g. digitization, digitalization, datafication, and data preservation).
- Research on cultural heritage collections such as national archives and libraries using NLP
- NLP for error detection, correction, normalization and denoising data
- Generation and analysis of literary works such as poetry and novels
- Analysis and detection of text genres
The scope of the workshop is specifically in applications and use of natural language processing in digital humanities research. While we welcome diverse practical, theoretical and methodological contributions, special emphasis will be given to studies that demonstrate concrete, successful and real interaction between these two fields. Contributions from both digital humanities or natural language processing focus are equally welcome, but submitted papers should contain aspects where these fields intersect.

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