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The volume also comprises papers published in special issues.

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Special Issue on Computer-Aided Processing of Intertextuality in Ancient Languages (22 articles)

Special Issue on Data Science and Digital Humanities @ EGC 2018 (3 articles)

Special Issue on Scientific and Technological Strategic Intelligence (2016) (5 articles)

best papers on data mining and big data

Atelier Digit_Hum (8 articles)

Special issue on Visualisations in Historical Linguistics (8 articles)

Special issue conceived as a follow-up publication to the workshop on Visualisations in Historical Linguistics, organized as part of the ICEHL conference (27-31 August 2018), with additional papers resulting from an additional call for papers.

Special Issue on Collecting, Preserving, and Disseminating Endangered Cultural Heritage for New Understandings through Multilingual Approaches (5 articles)

The existing reservoir of public domain translations of literary texts, once tracked and digitalized, provides a new wealth of linguistic resources to sustain and salvage endangered languages and help us map the global circulation and reception of texts.

HistoInformatics (7 articles)