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Towards a Digital Ecosystem: NLP. Corpus infrastructure. Methods for Retrieving Texts and Computing Text Similarities (7 articles )


  • Methods for the detection of intertexts and text reuse, manual (e.g. crowd-sourcing) or automatic (e.g. algorithms);

  • Infrastructure for the preservation of digital texts and quotations between different text passages;

  • Linguistic preprocessing and data normalisation, such as lemmatisation of historical languages, root stemming, normalisation of variants, etc.


Managing different types of text re-uses (3 articles )


This part focuses on the conceptual definitions, the modelling of the unstable idea of “quotation” and the XML-TEI encoding to implement for its characterization.


Visualisation of intertextuality and text reuse (2 articles )

Project presentations (8 articles )

Digital libraries and virtual exhibitions (1 article )

Data deluge: which skills for wich data? (1 article )