Managing different types of text re-uses

Encoding (inter)textual insertions in Latin "grammatical commentary"

Bruno Bureau ; Christian Nicolas ; Ariane Pinche.
The ancient commentaries provide a large sample of quotations from classical or biblical texts for which Latin gramamrians developed a complex system of insertion of quoted texts. The paper examines how to encode these places using XML Tei, and focuses on difficult cases, such as inaccurate quotations, or quotations of partly or wholly lost texts.

TEI-encoding of text reuses in the BIBLINDEX Project

Elysabeth Hue-Gay ; Laurence Mellerin ; Emmanuelle Morlock.
This paper discusses markup strategies for the identification and description of text reuses in a corpus of patristic texts related to the BIBLINDEX Project, an online index of biblical references in Early Christian Literature. In addition to the development of a database that can be queried by canonical biblical or patristic references, a sample corpus of patristic texts has been encoded following the guidelines of the TEI (Text Encoding Initiative), in order to provide direct access to quoted and quoting text passages to the users of the platform.

A Classification of Manuscripts Based on A New Quantitative Method. The Old Latin Witnesses of John's Gospel as Text Case

David Pastorelli.
A new method for grouping manuscripts in clusters is presented with the calculation of distances between readings, then between witnesses. A classification algorithm (" Hierarchical Ascendant Clustering "), achieved through computer-aided processing, enables the construction of trees illustrating the textual taxonomy obtained. This method is applied to the Old Latin witnesses of the Gospel of John, and, in order to provide a study of a reasonable size, to a chapter as a whole (chapter 14). The result basically confirms the text-types identified by Bonatius Fischer, founder of the Vetus Latina Institute, while it invalidates the classification adopted by the current edition of the Vetus Latina of the Gospel of John.