A "Data paper" is a publication that promotes how data has been built and which kind of potential processing cna be applied to applied to exploit this kind of dataset. An ontology can be also published , i.e. a knowledge organization that is associate to a type of datasets; in that case fine description is required.

OCR17: Ground Truth and Models for 17th c. French Prints (and hopefully more)

Simon Gabay ; Thibault ClĂ©rice ; Christian Reul.
Machine learning begins with machine teaching: in the following paper, we present the data that we have prepared to kick-start the training of reliable OCR models for 17th century prints written in French. The construction of a representative corpus is a major challenge: we need to gather documents from different decades and of different genres to cover as many sizes, weights and styles as possible. Historical prints containing glyphs and typefaces that have now disappeared, transcription is a complex act, for which we present guidelines. Finally, we provide preliminary results based on these training data and experiments to improve them.