Philippe Lacour ; Aurélien Bénel - TraduXio Project: Latest Upgrades and Feedback

jdmdh:6733 - Journal of Data Mining & Digital Humanities, January 8, 2021, Atelier Digit\_Hum -
TraduXio Project: Latest Upgrades and FeedbackArticle

Authors: Philippe Lacour 1; Aurélien Bénel ORCID2

  • 1 Centre Marc Bloch
  • 2 TECHnologies pour la Coopération, l’Interaction et les COnnaissances dans les collectifs

TraduXio is a digital environment for computer assisted multilingual translation which is web-based, free to use and with an open source code. Its originality is threefold-whereas traditional technologies are limited to two languages (source/target), TraduXio enables the comparison of different versions of the same text in various languages; its concordancer provides relevant and multilingual suggestions through a classification of the source according to the history, genre and author; it uses collaborative devices (privilege management, forums, networks, history of modification, etc.) to promote collective (and distributed) translation. TraduXio is designed to encourage the diversification of language learning and to promote a reappraisal of translation as a professional skill. It can be used in many different ways, by very diverse kind of people. In this presentation, I will present the recent developments of the software (its version 2.1) and illustrate how specific groups (language teaching, social sciences, literature) use it on a regular basis. In this paper, I present the technology but concentrate more on the possible uses of TraduXio, thus focusing on translators' feedback about their experience when working in this digital environment in a truly collaborative way.

Volume: Atelier Digit\_Hum
Section: Digital humanities in languages
Published on: January 8, 2021
Accepted on: December 28, 2020
Submitted on: August 25, 2020
Keywords: translation,computer-assisted,texts base,collaborative,multilingual,users feedback,comparison,Translation,Computer-Assisted,Texts Base,Collaborative,Multilingual,Users Feedback,Comparison,[SHS.PHIL]Humanities and Social Sciences/Philosophy,[INFO.INFO-CL]Computer Science [cs]/Computation and Language [cs.CL],[INFO.INFO-OH]Computer Science [cs]/Other [cs.OH]
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  • Transferts et humanités interdisciplinaires; Funder: French National Research Agency (ANR); Code: ANR-17-EURE-0025

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